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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

random word generator

2-2 sucks. Especially when its at Old Trafford. 
That means we have to WIN the next match againts Porto.
or 2-2, which will lead to more dub dab dub dab, so better not. 
or 3-3.
ah try menang jela please.

came across this Random Word Generator, can help you out when you feel you need a word/topic for your blog post. Try to use the first word you get. (or you can cheat. Not that ppl will know)

My first (cough*) random word,

is character.

by definition, 
1. The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another
2. A description of a person's attributes, traits, or abilities.
3. A symbol used in secret writing; a cipher or code.

elynn's definition of character,

1. classes available in online games. 
2. eg. a Mage, or a Warrior. Perhaps a Priest, Cleric or a Shaman.
3. Each class ade their own unique traits = character, like perhaps a Warrior is defined as the Brave one. The leader of the pack. Or Mage, as the awesome support, cepat gila bunuh. or Priest, the precious one. They might not be the best in killing, but still very important.


im not that freak. Geez.
maybe a person's characteristic
Everyone is different. You might find someone you think is very cool. Sassy? or maybe, i dont know.. miang?

My friend, Amelia. 
I think she has the whole package. 
Nice and sweet. Shes very humble. Friendly - yes, you will like her instantly.
The kind of person that you love to be around with, to be friends with. 
Some people just give you this kind of positive vibes - Like, you feel special and happy you actually know them. 

or it could be Nida :P 
Speaks her mind, carefree and wont give a damn what people thinks of her.
Thats actually something others should admire.
First impression maybe ~___~ 
and when you actually get to know her, you'll be surprised. 


this one particular guy.
if you dont know him. you might not know the real him.

or ME.
Easily nervous, easily scared
Very lazy.
Competitive, but yeah, very lazy how to compete?! 
Setakat ada niat je buat ape kan?
Low self confidence, Not a people person >.>
Sombong. Tapi muka je ok. Hati tak. Segan je sbenanya
tapi Awesome.

J.k (Not!)

whats your random word of the day ? :) Try it out. 


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