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Friday, April 10, 2009

color in progress

i mean my storyboard. coloring mode. buruk gila. 
1. character muka lain-lain
2. tak reti shadow pe jadah semua tu
3. i cant. draw. even with my sister's tablet. (thank you pinjamkan xD)
4. i dont think ppl will understand my storyline. HAHA

walaupun kecik, you can see the many files i currently working on in photoshop. & illustrator >.>

btw, this is an awesome song by Progress in Color. 

word of the day, this time tak tipu. its my first click.

and the word is Appearing.

Appearing offline in y!m and MSN is like casting invisible skill on yourself, just longer, forever or .. really up to me. 

No, im not trying to hide or run. 
People can always 'try and error' msg-ing me. :D I might be there. 
p/s: Alysha hates Invi people in Y!m :(



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