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Saturday, May 16, 2009

craving for more!

Glory Glory Manchester United.
We've done it again. Still up for more?

The Do's and Don'ts of Following United
 Don't call them 'Man U' in Manchester
 Do call them 'United' or 'Reds''
 Don't sing 'Who Are Ya?' or 'Easy! Easy!'
 Do sing 'Who The F'ckn Hell Are You?' and 'This Is So F'ckn Easy!'
 Don't ever leave before the final whistle!
 Do remember the words "...and Solskjaer has won it!"
 Don't wear a Jesters Hat if you're old enough to know better
 Do wear your lucky scarf or retro United kit
 Don't sing 'We've won it 10 times'
 Do sing 'He's won it 10 times'
 Don't bring a St George's Cross or England shirt to the game
 Don't wear an Ireland shirt to the game
 Do wear United colours (or Argentina, or Portugal, or Norway)
 Don't get on the backs of United players. Never ever boo the team!
 Do get behind the team
 Don't boo ex-United players (except Paul Ince & Robbie Savage)
 Don't boo Damian Duff, a United fan who held out before signing for Chelsea until Fergie confirmed we couldn't match his £17 million fee. He later turned down Liverpool to sign for Newcastle because 'his heart told him so'. Same rules apply to Morten Gamst Pederson, also a United fan and a paid up member of the Scandinavian supporters club before signing for Blackburn.
 Don't buy a fanzine thinking it's the offical match day programme
 Do buy the fanzines - United We Stand, Red Issue and Red News


  1. mana beli itu langsir cutton? berapa harga ..

  2. haha murah je. not more than rm50 kot. x silap la