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Sunday, May 17, 2009

the first chapter

i know if i try to tell a story of me, in MMU, from a to z. its gonna be a friggin novel. 
i have so much to say, so many ups and downs, happiness & sillyness. things i regret and things i wish will stay forever. banyak weh.
and I might as well cry when I try to cerita here. which sucks. Sebab baru je menangis pasal FYP semalam gila teruk (weh kesian kan?). Kesian mata kang.
but really la, an entry of Me in MMU would be awesome. 

so this is the very first episode.

I hated my orientation week. It was a disaster mule2. I wanted to go home (not because of home sick mind you) I just hated the way the OC skema semacam. I had to change my attire banyak kali bile awal2 assembly tu. And since I didnt bring alot of "formal" tops/pants, I wore this black long skirt berulang-ulang. 

which I regret sampai sekarang.

Cos they started to call me Olive. Black long skirt + Ponytail = Olive. ~___~

or maybe, Sombong? Muka tak boleh bla. Haha
I didnt realise my face expression ruined everything. Konon nak good first impression. Amik kau - terus ramai chop sombong. Masam dan sebagainya. HAHA

oh, my first crush time orientation would be this Hawt OC :D 

First "Enemy".
Goes to Muhd Helmi.
The person who had a problem with me for no reason.
Ok. Maybe not. I think its the face lah. I will hate myself if I see this kind of expression anyways. Haha. So i dont blame him. He kinda make my early MMU life in hell. But 
We're good friends now. I reallly, really enjoy knowing this guy. A lot of fun. 
Ingat lagi both of us tried hard not to bump/face one another. When I see him Here, I'd cepat2 go There. When he sees me at B, he pusing balik cepat2 pergi C. It was like that weh. Funny. 

ok malas nak cerita dah. nak tgk fashion blog jap. Lepas tu sambung buat kerja. 


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