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Friday, May 22, 2009

the smell of victory

hoho! Rachel's here. Tengkiu Orange Little :D Nice dealing with you. Hope you'll make more clearance sale in future. Hoho. 

welcome welcome.

selain dari Rachel..
satu lagi benda telah selamat berada di pangkuanku :D 
jeng jeng jeng!!

My LOVE! My Rm98 United Asia Tour Ticket ( I just realised that mine is Blue Entrance Lvl 2 tix...) Geez.  And my housemate, Alysha, is gonna get the Rm308 tix. Urgh!! Jeles la doinks.

aaa. The next best thing, is the free training session pass for the earlybirds. Pergi Alamanda at 10.30am just for this thing. Thats a freakin achievement on my part. 

Bau sikit. :D 
Mari-mari kita semua ke Man Utd Asia Tour - Bukit Jalil on the 18th of July 2009!!  
p.s Beli la Rm98 punye ><


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