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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

puas hati kd? XD

ok title dah tak kaler biru muda dah.
chis. nanti i tuka balek kaler yang boleh merosakkan mata korang!
unless u blanje i 1 ipod.
wahahaha. kata kerja tempat osem. 

LOL. anyways kd's blog is in my kawan-kawan list. xD

p.s we call each other KD. I lupa why. So jangan confuse. 

mode: exam mode, last minit study (or should I say...memorizing? ~___~) exam is at 9am. and baru nak start study at 12am. I know i wont be sleeping till 9 but still...

ELYN, u have to score a bloody 5-freaking-0 over 80 just to PASS this particular subject (BHM something2 - yes i hate it that much that i dont even remember how to say it - panjang pon kot nama subjek ni.) 

or else.. mmu-ians gonna see me again next sem ~___~
or still not.


  1. good luck for exam :) thanks for adding me to your friends list

  2. thanks.
    and no problem. jangan byk komplen lagi, hahaha

  3. what is this another blog of yours? lemme see.. v bape eh :P hahaha... dah dah g donlod reader... pulun2

  4. version Ialsocantrememberla ~___~. eleh u pon byk blog so shadap. hahahaa jom bwat past years