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Friday, May 29, 2009

weehu. colorful 22nd

yayyyy. my early bday gift. (well not reall a bday gift. but whatever hahahahah. i still got it a day before my 22nd birthday (which I am unhappy about, GEEZ kenapa masa perlu bergerak dengan pantas. rehat la kejap....at least make today longer please. I'm loving 21! Forever 21!!!) - and believe it or not, 30th of May tak pernah diingati 2 weeks ago. I mean. even this week, if someone tak keep on mentioning the day, i wouldnt even care. 


*bukak dengan excitednya..*

Tadaaaaaaaa!! 50 awesome flavors!!!! (well..tak try semua pon lagi. but still awesome kot. Haha. And
sayang nak habiskan!) 

dlm kotak dia ade tunjuk each flavor. and inside also, i found this mini pamphlet of their other jelly belly beans + the recipe! (which is the fun part)

becauseeeee.. if u wanna get a eg. Candy Apple taste, the recipe would be a) Green Apple beans x2 +  b) Cinnamon bean x1 = Candy Apple! . ahahhaha. byk lagi recipe ade. 

thanks so much for this!! Appreciate it. LOVING IT! HAHA. I love ffoooood and snacks and anything sweeet! So yeah.. ^^ Thank you thank you! Tak sia-sia bangun dari nakdekattdo dan jalan tengah panas.

pss. Im not sharing these beans!! >:D

oh yeah.
exam's over. Spanish paper kinda.... sucks. 
So im not that happy. Walaupun dah merdeka. Still sedih. MMU. I dont wanna leave youuuu! but i tamo extendddd. Please help me pass all my papers. and my FYP too. 

EDIT: I just read KD's blog. HAHA. Thanks for the EARLY birthday wish. AND wth? Gamba taun bila tu weeeehh. Zaman kanak-kanak riang. 


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