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Friday, July 17, 2009

busy day today..and tmr

Went to Bukit Jalil for Man Utd training session. The weather was hot. People were everywhere. So, yeah.. cars too. :( I had to park at this...creepy somewhere, bushes around .. for a parking. Lucky to even get one. Meh.. I thought this supposed to be LIMITED. any their meaning of limited = 50 000 people ??!!!

Nevermind..the place where we stood were very near to the players (at that time). I sweear I could touch Neville if I wanted to. (ok this is an exaggeration) but yeah, I saw Kiko, Scholes, GIGGSY! ooooohmaigooooodddd!!!

then leaving my bro with my friend, K.E. I met up with Imp, Ata & Ajim..and Alysha! Sat nicely at a place. watch them again....for like..what? 15mins? and they went away.. :( cepat gila training. ZZZZ.

but yeah. still had fun seeing them from far.

ohh. Went to Pavi again (Pavi is my 2nd home seriously. I think i go there everyweekends) I even know the guy who works at GSC. Maybe next time I should ask for his name. He might help me get the reserve tickets again. >:D

oh. Pavi for another Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again.Ah well, when it comes to Draco Malfoy, its never too much :D.

Just that I missed a y!m message from one very important person.


Anyways. I cant wait for tomorrow.
But im tired. Seriously. the fact that my body is weak. and I still cant sleep. Its 6.13am now. I'm sure I wont be sleeping like until 9am.. and at 11am?? need to teman my cousin to her friend's wedding and at 2pm kene pergi dah Stadium to avoid the predicted gila babi jam nanti...

makes tmr a SHITTY day already :(

Cepat lah balik. I need all the comfort and all the happiness back.!

p.s Will post pics later. Need to get them from Alysha


  1. looks like u had a wonderful time there :)

    oh ya it's monday already.

    i'll be back xD

    can't wait!!

  2. whoa finally u jumpa my blog. but i already told u earlier laa. u just lupa! pfftss!