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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Le Pouf

hello imaginary readers.

I submitted a contest by wearsandwhatnots :D
Just for fun. I mean, why not? I have all the time in the world now (just no CASH) plus, I did 19 dailies in WoW today (which for me is a lot) so since I have nothing else to do, besides its a fun contest. You should try! Might have a chance to win stuff from the blog :)

Ahhh Manchester United training session is tomorrow :) I cant wait!!!!
and watched Harry Potter today

oh mai god. Draco is LOVE. I'm in love again.

p.s Le Pouf is one of the Item from wearsandwhatnots ^^

ah. this picture is dedicated to all WoW players - who spend most of their time eating maggi in front of the pc, and smoke like never before when in raid ( too bad i dont smoke - so no picture of smoking - YET!) lol who knows right? one day you're an angel, the next Helllllo Miss Evil!


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