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Sunday, July 26, 2009

mari kita sama-sama cari kerja

For someone who is currently unemployed and broke,wanting a Blackberry phone is so...not.happening.


I never really care of gadgets before.
But this time.. I dont know. Suddenly there is love for a certain blackberry phone.

The bold one :D

this is my sooooon to be baby! I so want this over anything in the worllllddd!! (Well..besides a kiss from Draco Malfoy, a hug from Gary/Giggsy/Scholes/Even Sir Alex!!, hmmm)

So yeah, I'm posting this so that, an available sugar daddy who stumbled upon my blog decided to give me this blackberry!

Rofl. Joking of course.
I'm posting this so that each time I visit my own darn blog, I will see an awesome shiny blackberry bold and decided to WORK for some CASH and get this baby ON ONE FINE DAY!

so GO ELYNN!!! Cari duit go!!


Arent these shoes gorgeous? :D ( rm65 - Rm70 )

Both are from Dusky Wings blogshop. They are pre-order so you have to wait a few weeks for them to be yours D:! But looking at them o____o Arent they worth it :D


  1. oh ur new baby eyh. hmm

  2. me and amira is "in a complicated relationship" now. so if she decides to dump me on fb would u ganti her? hahah.

  3. ohh and nak blackberry jugak !!!

  4. LOL. Seriously? kang Amira cari i kang. Susah gak. ahahhahaa

  5. elynn!!! i had your "baby" since last october. =p how cool is that! =D
    if i ever feel like "vanishing" my bold, n claim for a nother phone.. ill know which person to sell it to. haha.