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Saturday, July 25, 2009

entahla dek non.gossip girl here.

Everyone is suddenly a celebrity.
I noticed the changes in people. Perhaps they watch Gossip Girl too much and apply XOXO in the real world.
These days, networking website such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, just to name a few, are the "medium" of "us" on becoming a "celebrity".

It could be fun.
Its fun in a way that we KNOW what the A or B and even Z did five seconds ago.
Easier to stalk someone we adore (like real celebrities) or someone we used to love (not a celebrity tho) or someone we dont even know - which is creepy. but yeah. its fun.

but then again, sometimes its too much.
Especially dlm facebook lah.

I once talked to my friend, ex-housemate of mine, very pretty (saja nak letak ^^ and I think shes still available Ehem2) and we discussed the Facebook Relationship Status

you know, sometimes we get updates that

A is now Single
B is now in a Relationship
C is now in a Relationship with D
E is now Married
F is now Married to G

and this has become a friggin big deal to ppl sekarang.

I, seriously dont mind knowing their relationship status.
but for other people who get pissed off? when someone else refused to update or even change theirs,

(which sometimes happen in relationship when the girlfriend tells the whole world while the boyfriend malas nak update)

thats ....
I dont know. Its up to them right? Whats your right to get mad over this? Why do you care? Its their personal life. If they want you to know, then good for you. If they dont want to, thats their business i guess. Its not like you wont find out eventually.

and you might say...
"whats to hide? kenapa sorok2 ? malu?"

what if they actually, just dont give a damn about the Facebook thingy. Its only. Facebook.
and now,

facebook is serious business?
Come on.

(well for me, its serious business when someone put a bad picture of me - macam mie haritu. zzz) jahat gila.

but other than that. chill la? hahahah. Its not like you have to prove the <3>

so yeah, my friend and I really thought that its not necessary.
Its up to you, him, her, me, them.
Kalau nak letak. letak la. Bagus gak.
Kalau tak nak, suka hati dorang lah. hahaha. Bukannya ni macam perkahwinan. Memang kene bagitau orang. Lagi bagus.
Kalau rasa dorang sembunyi2 something. Make your own judgement :) Dia tanak letak tak semestinya tak betul. Dia tanak letak tak semestinya betul

Ada letak Married to kawan baik sendiri, sama jantina. Takkan tu pon percaya?

Kan Facebook tu Serious Business.
So masing2 la kan.

and Wow, finally I have something to blog about.
Gahhh. Twitter time :)
(oh maaf kalau ade sesiapa tersinggung D:!!)


Just found out that Yasmin Ahmad passed away malam tadi.
Al Fatihah kepada Yasmin Ahmad, yang banyak berjasa dalam filem Malaysia dan membawa negara kita ke tahap yang membanggakan.
Sekali lagi kita kehilangan seseorang yang sangatf berbakat dan unik.


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