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Friday, July 24, 2009

guling guling atas rumput

Koffee with Karan rawks big time!! Especially when Shah Rukh Khan is there. :D Just watched another episode in 2nd season featuring Kajol, SRK and Rani as his guests. If you watch the show..you'll get to see the bollywood stars real personality, which you dont get to see all the time (or at all!)

Gahhhhh . Now i feel like watching Hindustan again. Hahahha!

bai da wei,

my WoW account has expired. which sucks big time. I dont have ca$h yet to topup so, till I see you again, elynnzo the mage zzzz.
Speaking of WoW, it somehow reminded me of one of the useful addon that helped me alot through my leveling process. It is called Zygor. Ever heard of it? Tho some wowers prefer to use Wow-pro leveling guide (which is good as well) but Zygor is an addon. Therefore, its easier to have an assistant in game rather than alt-tab to see guides.

Basically, if you just started off as a blood elf, Zygor will automatically detect who you are and the quest around you. (so you dont have to search for Silvermoon beginners quests).

:D Easy as abc. Well thats just some part of the Zygor Goodness! For more information do click here! :)

I seriously level way faster with Zygor. Thanks to my leveling partner, Faiz aka Rungekutta for recommending it to me XD

p.s Zygor is available for both Horde and Alliance!


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