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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thoughts on a dream. One can dream. One can try to fulfill the dream.

They say, home is where the heart is.

But what is home anyway? What is your definition of home?
Is it the country? your family? the place you were born into?

It is very subjective. and I hate to say this, but people are way too attached, too emotional.
The world is your home, yes. But your country? Thats just where you started. Culture is one thing, faith is another. Faith is in your heart. It doesnt say you can only be faithful at certain places. Faith is spiritual. Wherever you go, it goes with you.

Culture and race -  Stay here and help your people. What people? Help the community you live in, yes, help the poor, yes. But do we help them to the extend that we give our whole life to them?
Help the country. Help your country? Please do, but to what extent? Some will go wholeheartedly and beyond. If its make them happy, nothing wrong with that. But dont expect others will be as motivated as you. Everyone has their own dreams and motivations - I will say, achieve that - and that is your home.

Family - I'll get emotional too. As an Ironborn firstborn, it is to juggle my personality and my responsibility. Eldest will always be there, but they are also the most independent. Hows that? How can you be there and yet be brave and go elsewhere? What will people say? What will my parents say? They have such high hopes on me to be there.

I'll always be there.

But its time for me to shape my own family as well. Why cant I half-ly? (well, the other half is my husband's decision lol) decide the future of my family? I want to try. I do not want to regret later. I want to try. I want to see whats it like to move. I want to see how things work from the other side of the world. I might regret this decision but i will regret even more not trying and not doing it while I still can. When there is still chance. When I'm still 29. Not 49. Not 59.

If this works out, people will be sad. But why would people be sad? Travelling is fun. They can travel here and there. They can live here and there. They should be proud and supportive.

In the end, anyhow, someway or another, we live here temporarily. Everyone, at least, can and must write their own story. It doesnt have to be A. Born here B. Live Here. C.Work Here. D. Die here.

Here could be anywhere.

Besides, if you truly believe home is where your heart is. and that your country is where your home is. Then you have more reasons to go out there and live elsewhere.

Because in the end, if nothing works, if you regret, if you fail, you always have your country to go back to.

Dont get me wrong.
I love my country. It is where my family is at.

And my family will always be in my heart and in my soul.
I leave my families, for a family that I am shaping.

Country is just a starting point.
Countries, borders, flags - all Manmade.
Its a place God sent you first. and He created the world, that is accessible, open for all His creations.
So Live.


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