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Monday, March 28, 2016

DIY : Pinwheel for Cake Topper / Deco

Hi Crafters!

Pinwheels - awesome as part of your party decorations. You can even make a whole theme out of a Pinwheel! I started making a few as I need ideas for Eislah's cake decoration. And since ada berlambak gila straws, I was looking for an inspiration that could use the straws jugak. Maka terjumpalah this tutorial and it is super easy to make, you'll master it in a second! 
What you will need : 

  • Scissors
  • Paper (Square, any size) or Papers with patterns on both sides would make adorable pinwheels
  • Paper Straw or Lollipop stick 
  • Pin tudung

Step A: Cut the paper according to your desired squares. (mine is 3" x 3") 
Step B: Cut through the green dotted line as shown, stopping at about 1/2inch from the middle. Punch holes on the dots areas. 

Step C:  Bend the pin at about 1cm from the bead. 
Step D: Take one corner hole and push it onto the pin, do the same for the next 3 corner hole and lastly punch through the middle hole. 

Step E:  Punch two holes (using the same pin) on the paper straws, and you can easily pin the Pinwheel through it. And you're done! 


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