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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a cool summer city breeze

"There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains"
day 3
is jalan-jalan di City of Melbourne!
Salleh parked his car @ the Huntingdale train station. (i tak ingat nama station tp tu Acap yang ckp)

Daily Full Fare Zone 1 - $6.80
Sorry quality sucks. Blame my camera, my tiredness & Acap - for making me update my blog cpt2. Tak saba betul utk hari Red Dress dia.

Apek mula explain2 pasal ticket2 naik train pe semua ni. I think they have this uhh different types of tickets available depending on how we travel. Its quite confusing at first but yeah, as long as tau nak beli ticket apa sudah la kan? Dorang ade 2 Hour tix, Daily, or perhaps Weekly & Monthly or 30min or 10min kot kot nak pegi rumah member yang hanya 1 station beza. (ok tipu la kan). Well, for this trip, we bought the Daily ticket so that boleh rayau2 lama2 tak pikir apa dah.

Flinders St Station - exactly where I had this omggilabbabiakukatmelbournedowh moment. memang dekat sini lah. My eyes went straight to the city peepos pastu rasa cam best tatau asal.

the city peepos. the environment. the surrounding (oke lebeh2 pulak)
okay lets see.. uhh no cute guys. urgh. but itsokay this pakcik dpn ni might have a son ke apa.

oh meng. the notsodrooling highschoolboys. what a desperate attempt to have aussie schoolboys punya gamba dlm album. lalala

the awesome us graffiti. and NO, we did not wear the matching sweaters just to fit in.

the State Library of Victoria - where we spent 2hours reading good stuff about the history of Melbourne, blablabla NOT. mmg tak la duduk 2jam baca buku kat sini kan. tapi serious shit library ni awesome gila. macam dalam Harry Potter kot. kalau ade sebijik dekat Malaysia sure I rajin study untuk masa depan. Oh yeah, you can even play games dlm ni. Ada game room yang awesome.

thumbs up for a brilliant Xmas Gift idea. (or even for my bday gift sbb Xmas lambat lagi)

precious antique piano. I swear if my parents ada kat sini time ni sure dorang dah try kawtim ngan tuan empunya piano pastu nak ship balik Malaysia

us & the famous melbourne tram

dengan Salleh depan my future home. (if its even an apartment)

amazing architectural in... hmm. what is this place called again? Haha!

da malam sooo we've decided to..

tgk api membara dkt Crowne :)
"OOO MAKK KAUUU" - Salleh terkejut. Epic.

next post : day 5
err day 4 tak ingat buat ape. cam duduk rumah je? gambar pon takde kot.


  1. Day 4 is for Chandstone and Law Abiding Citizen huhu

    p/s: again..baru cam kagum jap u ingt huntingdale..rupanyaa....

  2. owh and salleh melatah time api "MAK KAU" hahahaha

  3. cepat post day 5. berape lame dah nie.. =___=