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Friday, March 26, 2010

event yang korang kene datang

i know i should blog about my fundays @ melbourne tapi takpe..delay kejap

tmr, Petite Lass wil be at MAP Art Festival.
there will be tonns of happening, artsy stuff goin on there so yeah, do come! free aje! just bring some money utk shopping and rasa our homemade cheesetarts :)

a piece is for rm1.80
a box of 4 is rm7
a box of 6 is rm10.50

worth every penny!
serious shiznit!

besides Petite Lass and Cheesetarts
my dad's kameraku klasik will be there as well.
and also Dynat's Polkadotteboutique - dia jahit bag2 sendiri yang sangatlah comel :)

So yeah.
I'll see YOU there.


  1. elyn u shud post some pictures of the event. I can't come down to KL :( byk kerja T.T