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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

pengsan the 2nd day

day 2
good morning melbourne! rise and shine!
or so we thought... Heh.
we did not wake up early the next day.
rasanya penat semalam belum habis kot. Apek & Sahak pagi2 dah pergi class. We stayed home until he came back. At around 3ish pm, they decided on bringing us to the nearest mall - Chadstone!

us checking out the hats. lepas tu kene tegur tak boleh tangkap gambar dlm kedai ;(
so yeah, we have no more pictures in stores :( ah well.

dinner at nandos, btw thats apek & cina. first time jumpa cina harini la.
and depan apek ade air bubble tea pelik.

us :)

and Salleh :)

next post : day 3

Ktorang tak kuar at 3pm. Sebab Apek & Sahak balik rumah pon kul 6.45pm. We went out to Chadstone at 7pm kot. :P Sorry!!


  1. errr..i come back around 6.45 from clinic..cmne bawak u p jalan around 3ish ni? hahaha

  2. yeke? bukan u balik awal ke aritu apex?