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Sunday, October 4, 2009

definitely, maybe

baru lepas tgk Definitely Maybe.
and yes, as I mentioned in twitter, its one of the sweetest movie ever. Definitely in my top ten Romance Movies alongside The Proposal, Two Weeks Notice, What happens In Las Vegas, Love Actually, and many many more.

haish. i'm always a sucker for romance movies.

a sucker. and a tearsdropper.

yes. crying at 4.50am isnt really that normal kan? tula elin. sape suruh tgk pagi-pagi buta.
dah la hang suka memikir. karang tdo lagi lambat sebab asyik pikir tak sudah.


based from the movie..

i guess April made a point.

"its not WHO. its WHEN"

WHEN a guy/ a girl feel that Its time to settle down. To get married. To have a child etc, the automatically, the person that the guy/girl is dating at that moment turn out to be the.. soulmate.

that kinda make sense. kan?

or not.

ah. ape2 pon. cite ni awesome! ade three girls (yang jadi the soulmate in here) :D and its hard to guess who turn out to be the "it" girl. not until the very end.

I was this close to hate this movie.

thank god for the twist

do watch and it'll be your fav too, Definitely!



whats next? 500 days of Summer?


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