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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sweeet harsh valley

You see, I've been a huge #SweetValley (sorry for the # thingy -its a twitter thing) fan ever since I was little. Currently, I'm reading SV Senior Yeah - which is considered to be my FAV. edition ever because of the existence of Conner McDermott in the book. And what makes me even more addicted to SV Senior Year is that this Conner guy (besides being the 2nd Draco Malfoy-ish in personality - which i totally DIG) is that. he's Elizabeth Wakefield's guy.

and Ive always. loved Elizabeth.
they are perfect for each other. its like a love/hate relationship where there are too many ups and downs yet in the end - they still need one another.

What really bothers me now is that - how long can they lasts? Roller Coaster relationship is risky.
I'm actually worried of them. So i stopped reading for now. (well i cheated abit la. I read through the following books sebab tak puas hati)


Its time.

to make my own Liz/McD awesome storyline!
berangan sebelum tidur.

and tomorrow i'll face the real misery back bile dah sambung bace. :)
good night everyone!
and good luck to my dear brother, Faliq . today is his first day menghadapi #PMR. You can do it!!


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