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Monday, October 26, 2009

shittttttttttt lah!!!!!!

this is my #100th post. and I dont feel like celebrating.
i cant sleep. its 2.47am
I keep on thinking about Cibs & Puuns. I know i should try not to.
but I cant really.
less than 24hours ago he (Ciibs) was still alive.
less than 20hours ago he slept beside me. snuggled himself to my neck.

i miss the smelly smell of Cibs.
wait, smelly cane pon.. bau dia macam susu.
bulu dia lebat je. comel. macam hamster.


btw, Cubii is sick too. sakit teruk jugak.
Doc said nyawa dia pon dalam bahaya. Myra & I baru kasi dia ubat td.

Cubiii.. Please, be the one that will stay.


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