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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

how I met larry and gary

More on kittens and cats :)
This time would be something nice. No more sad, touching, horrifying, sappy stories on cats and kittens.

Because I met Larry and Gary.

Larry- the adorable snow-like kitten with bright blue eyes.
Gary - the macho silver-ish gray kitten with a voice like a girl. (lol. but betul eh. suara dia comel macam perempuan) and thats not a bad thing. comel gila kot.

ahh. I cant put any pictures cos I didnt take any. I left my phone at home because of the stupid battery - cant lasts long enough for things like this! (well. its entirely my fault lah for not charging them long enough but but ... urgh. bertahan la sikit kan?) haha.

Because of the battery jugakla Anas sesat tah kemana cos I forced him to use the MEX highway instead of his usual route. (and now I'm sure he hates MEX even more) Haha. Sorry Anas, for all the time wasted and also for the petrol ><. Uhh, well, at least, you now know the way back from my house to yours. :D

Ahh so we decided to chillax at his house to see the new kittens = Larry and Gary :D
and thats how I met Larry and Gary. LOL. and damn you for having such sweethearts at home :(

Oh, I also love his garfield cat named Fatty. ahhaha. gemuk gila ah. Can only play with him for awhile cos Fatty cam sombong sikit. Mehh ~__~.

Hopefully I can see more of them :)
Thank you again Anas!

I owe u a drink. (a drink!) haha
and you owe me a kitten. or a few kittens. or the garfield. or the turtles (jk - i dont like turtles. they're..weird)


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