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Friday, November 20, 2009

haha mcm-mcm ah kete ni

kete wat hal again.
jadi dkt BB area as I wanted to hantar syaza to see dj guibo @ cloth n clef.
tibe2 temperature naik 100%
kereta buat bunyi pelik. tapi time tu relax lagi.

syaza: oh aritu pon kereta i bwat bunyi mcm ni. padahal baru je servis

ahaha. so i ingat takde ape la kan. lagipun kete i mmg slalu buat hal :P
tibe2 dpn Havana dia berasap.
LOL. I ended up in Cloth n Clef teman Syaza for only few mins (sorry T__T)until Boy & Azwan datang sebagai heroes. hahaha

that wasnt really my fault la. or even the car's fault. my dad forgot to tighten? the water cap the day before. so penutup dia tah kemana, buat kete kekeringan air. pffts.

i still had fun tho. hahaha.
thank you syaza for the drink :)


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