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Sunday, December 20, 2009

tengah render sampah T_T

what have I been up to?

fyp eh? this thursday hopefully will be the end of my MI subject. Not my classmates tho.. i found them very..interesting. I havent really talked to them yet I know how similiar we really are. so yeah, i hope this time my lecturer will like my work.


I miss hanging out with Syaza, Alysha and Aida... and being their housemates. I miss Nad. (btw, Nad dah kembali ke dunia kita so yeah :) welcome back!) I miss being a friend to Yeen. I miss fooling around with Boy and telling him everything. I miss Helmi. I miss the girls day out with Nue, Shee and Neera. I cant wait to be free and visit Shee's new home. Its super duper awesome!! I miss World of Warcraft. I miss seeing Encorians work hard in a raid. and listening to their gibberish talk. I miss my ym buddy (you know who u are) . I miss playing scrabble. I miss June Aldee and his brother Josh, his sister Joy. I miss Albert. Hes been MIA for ages and Im still pissed. I miss Angelo and the one and only John Karl.

I miss all those time that I had with Faliq.

I will miss my ghazal classes with Yap and Adam xD (okla..dgn Nad jugak. pffts) I will miss Aishah and Hakim - like..alot. I will miss going to the class with Anas and kacau-ing him about...the kalerful pelangi. or the fact that we're totally clueless on the road. =.=" I will miss....

lots of things.

I am still in love with
Draco Malfoy, Jess Mariano, Domyouji Tsukasa (as in Matsumoto Jun), Hideaki Takizawa.

my newest addiction will be




  1. i rindu u sgt sgt T____T nnt dtg lepak lepak rumah, kite tengok movie smpi tertido. and hangout. nnt i nk start intern da :(

  2. You are so sweet. It's almost over sayang.