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Friday, January 29, 2010

i guess im bored

I drew these mini people few years back.
Probably in a boring lecture class. Back then when I was so semangat to draw 'fashion' people.
Hah, nampak sangat tak boleh :P No one would wear a hat with a stripe tube top, bubble hot pants and a red long boots.

(err. i could
imagine a hooker wearing that tho)

But somehow, I love these mini peeps. I could always use them as inspirations (chewah konon) ke ape ke.

Btw, as u can see, some are still colorless due to my fear of cacat-ing their look. Cos you know...
I suck at coloring.

I serious hate coloring. Ever since Alpha. Semua kerja yang requires coloring ended up jadi buruk T_T.

p.s I'll show u prove next time if i jumpa kerja2 lama. Heh.

Remember Serizawa Faction @ Crows Zero ? :D

<--- Konon-konon versi perempuan la.

Ni namanya saya masih obsess terhadap Serizawa! Haha :D

watashi wa tamao serizawa anata wo aishi

kenapalah kau jauh sangat. /sigh
Ceykewl Faction @ Crows Zero III

1 comment:

  1. omg! comel gler. u terer lukis. benci. hehehehe

    kite ade persamaan iaitu tak reti color. tapi i tgk u buat ok je. hehe