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Saturday, January 30, 2010

third collection of petite lass

We've done it again! this would be our third collection of Petite Lass, sooo it feels great :)

What is Petite Lass again?

Its an online boutique managed by Nue, Shee, Neera & myself. Actually, Nue & I came up with this online business idea and we thought that it'd be hella awesome to drag Shee along as the three of us have the same mission in life (chewah yo yo). On
the verge of welcoming our 2nd collection, Shee introduced Neera and she became our 4th PL partners :)

Why Petite Lass?

petite /pət'iːt/
is french for small.
slender women

lass /l'æs/
a young woman, girl
a sweetheart

Well, Shee is the mastermind of our name & concept. Its actually to represent the four of us best. (altho I believe the three of them can be considered petite.. me, on the other hand.. is..not..quite :P) Dont get us wrong tho, Petite Lass isnt only for petites, its a boutique for everyone :D

Ahhhh anyways.
here comes our "Third time's a charm" collection.

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