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Friday, April 16, 2010

let us sing a song for you

well hello :)

I started 12seconds tweetvid with "Hari Ini Nak Makan Apa" and joined by prinzcesz, apexiology, star_putera, acapness , farramuneera & sakiyurai87 . Sebab ni kisah lama, malas la i nak embed video tu kan. So for today, shee plih theme baru iaitu "childhood song" so yeah, all of us kene nyanyi lagu time kecik2 dalam 12seconds.

err .childhood song, theme by shee on 12seconds.tv

* twinkle twinkle little star! * on 12seconds.tv

nyanyi lagu barney on 12seconds.tv

childhood song. theme for today on 12seconds.tv

babababababa on 12seconds.tv

Untitled on 12seconds.tv

more vids will come :) stay tuned!


  1. awww sume comel. nnt i download and upload kat fb. ahahaha :p tggu video neera je lg