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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


day 4
Haha. the most forgotten day of all (i'm sorry!!) pelik jugak ah. sebab day 4 = hari makan pancake awesome & also my first experience watching movie in melbourne (in Chadstone to be specific) Haha. We watched Law Abiding Citizen (second time for me but its alright.. demi kawan2 yang disayangi, I sanggup tgk cite tu 2 kali)

Shee & I decided not to sleep sampailah the next day

The Camberwell Sunday Market Here We Come!

the entire market
at this time, i could see my ca$h trying to get out of my pockets already

the shopaholics
(tapi shee usha lelaki hensem most of the time jugak la)

Salleh found something to entertain himself.
I wanted all the books for myself & for my guy friends at Malaysia tapi
cam..ade mamat sorang ni nak borong semua. Sorry guys. kalau tak, semua dah dapat

$5 Handbags.
Do not be surprised.
I got myself a pair of $3 boots
thats like..Rm10

the two gentlemen - nice enough to drove us there early in the morning.
tak cukup tidur etc
and jalan2 tengah panas
bawak barang2
belikan donut and air
thanks you guys!

the best part is about to come.
jeng jeng jeng

the aussie dudes!



kepuasan maksima

that evening, the guys drove us to Brighton Beach tgk sunset :D
my first beach visit sejak...bertahun tahun dahulu
i cant even remember.
probably when I was..12?

satu-satunya gambar yang ada kitorang berempat

Brighton Beach - at its best!

tho beach isnt really my thing...
i enjoyed every second of it

goodbye, see you tomorrow!

kenapa coke?


  1. ahahahaha coke coke coke coke coke.. u simpan lagi ke babe?

    OOOOOO i sorang la kann yg usha mamat hensem. u tak ke sayang? :p

    OMG! the dudes!

  2. orgasmfest!!!

    mmg x la i simpan lagi.
    tah2 kat rumah dorang. hahahaha.
    ke i dah buang eh? i pon tefogot lah

  3. lol korang.
    kuat btul ingtan u elyn. dah lama gile kot baru hari ke5 ni.