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Monday, April 5, 2010

not so fast

dah lama tak blog..
ok.. so..
my current thoughts on..

i think everyone is in the same situation now.
we're all confused, scared, pressured.
when i feel that life is being unfair to me, i tend to forget that life is being unfair to each and everyone of us. from all walks of life. you him me her them.

its how you deal with it is different.
ive been in some shitty moment of my life. its hard. its super hard.
but i got tired of staying on the ground waiting for help.

(u know, u could have used the time to watch Konsert Akademi Fantasia or something)


being 23 nanti.
for me, its not just adding another year to your age.
its more than that.
so yeah, im pretty scared. as i do not act my age at all.
what can i do?

"be who you potentially are"

mcm Nick Season12 Survivor ckp


a nice easy going relationship is actually safer
than making a pact on everything.
this should be natural not forced.
and do not wish for it.
if you do, you'll be blinded by love.

take it easy guys.
play it safe.
kalau tak jumpa sekarang, nanti2 ade la tu.
jangan pressure :P (referring to my two guy friends - identiti tidak boleh ckp kat sini)

i cant see the future.
i cant expect too many things
i just can hope.

manchester united
i still believe. ^^

i do not have many close friends.
not cos i chose not to
its just hard for me to open up to just anybody.
(and i am not likeable :P)

if i tell you everything
you're really special.

if i act stupid, perangai mcm bdk2 ke ape
or even tiba2 jadi hantu. (lol)
you're special too.

if im not special to you
asalkan i can still be myself with you.