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Thursday, December 2, 2010

this and that and the little thing called self-reflect

Its been repeated over and over again. yet people are still ignorant. they utter words that they are not supposed to. why la laik dat one?
Karma is a bitch.
So beware of how you treat others. What you do to people, you'll get back the same. Stay away from dramas. Appreciate the people around you coz otherwise, they might not love you the same way as before. by the time you crawl back begging for forgiveness, it might be too late and things will never be the same again. and geez..open your eyes, not everyone is a friend.

nobody is perfect. and so are you. and me too.
this isnt high school anymore. this is another phase of life that you should cherish.
reflect who you truly are, blend well with the people and the environment.
tak semua boleh terima diri kita ni. find out why, make actions about it.

with that, on my next post. i'll try figure out what I dont like about myself, what people might not like about me and what can I do to change that.

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